When you search for a wonderful option to your home, Granite Worktops add the additional touch to give an exquisite structure. Maintaining the worktops, to guarantee that they generally look all around great is simple – following some straightforward tips will ensure that your kitchen is continually staggering.

Prior to Deep Cleaning

Before you clean your granite worktops to give them that ultimate sparkle you adore, ensure that they are totally clear of any spills. An incredible method to ensure that your worktops consistently keep their awesome shading is to clean any spill or fluid when it falls on the worktop, by chance, you happened to not catch it on time, a warm, wet rag will help loosen the residue.

granite worktops

Don’t Use Chemicals

You can easily create your own homemade cleaning products with balanced pH – store bought products can often be too harsh for granite. Fill up your sink with warm, clean water (preferably filtered water) and mix a mild detergent in.

Add a bit of rubbing alcohol for antiseptic and cleaning properties – its pH level of 7 won’t harm your worktops. After mixing your cleaning solution, allow it to cool down slightly so it’s not scalding hot.

For optimal cleaning, make sure that you don’t use any vinegar, ammonia, or lemon cleaners on your worktop. Granite is an extremely sturdy material, but acidic substances destroy its surface; lemon and vinegar, specifically, have progressively corrosive that prudent from worktops.


Granite worktops are a delightful expansion to any kitchen planning territory or island. Numerous homes likewise have them fitted in their Bathrooms too. The stone, which is shaped from volcanic magma, looks like a brilliant show-stopper any place it is installed. granite additionally opposes heat and is amazingly sturdy, making granite worktops a brilliant surface for getting ready enormous family suppers.