Quarella quartz worktops feature beauty and durability due to the famed Italian manufacturers.

Using their QZero procedure, Quarella manufactures quartz worktop slabs in an eco-friendly manner in many different colours.

The standard of Quarella will not go unnoticed where in your home it might be. Much like other quartz worktops, Quarella doesn’t absorb fluids during food prep as it is nonporous, which makes it an excellent kitchen worktop that needs little maintenance.

It is stain-resistant and will last quite a long time so that you can make sure your kitchen will look great for years to come. With 27 colours –such as a brilliant lapis–you can truly create the kitchen that suits your style. Quartz worktops are an excellent investment for people who cook frequently.

Quartz worktops are nonporous and easy to keep which makes them excellent food prep surfaces.