Expert material sourcing

We know quality. That’s why when we source slabs to manufacture, we make sure to thoroughly test and vet each stone we come across. To ensure your worktop meets our standards, we are constantly looking for faults. Slabs with inconsistent tonality or fissures and cracks are eliminated immediately, while others with minor faults are discarded through our quality control measures. For larger projects that require multiple slabs, we inventory and barcode matching slabs to ensure a continuity of colour and style. This helps provide a more even look, even in naturally varying stone.

At Worktop Pro our goal is to provide our clients with Grade-A worktops that they can’t wait to show off. We source, fabricate, and install quartz, granite, and marble worktops in a variety of colours and understand the beneficial properties of each. Not only can we identify quality when we source our worktops—we can help you determine which may be the best fit for your home.

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Site survey

To measure and ascertain the best fit, our professionals would conduct a site survey. Our highly trained experts will help you select your perfect worktop and then determine where holes and cuts will need to be made depending on your new kitchen layout and your sink and fixture choices. A template is made with this information and the precise shape and size of your worktop so it can be used during the fabrication process.

In addition to selecting a stone and colour, you can also determine which edging will work best for you and your new kitchen. Our site survey also offers us the opportunity to walk you through the process so you know how your fitting and installation will progress and what you can expect from your new worktops. We understand that you may be curious about the process and want to ensure your satisfaction.

Quality craftsmanship

Once we’ve templated your worktop and you’ve picked your materials, we get to work fabricating a worktop just for you. Fabrication is the actual process of taking a stone slab and converting it into a gorgeous worktop. We choose our best slabs in the stone and colour you’ve selected and get to work carefully measuring, cutting, polishing, and sealing your worktop. The template made during your site visit is used to create your bespoke kitchen worktop. It functions as a guide or pattern, allowing us to provide you with the best fit.

Throughout the process, we work hard to ensure your worktop will be exactly what you want. We not only check for faults in the stone itself, but we also make sure your new worktop is finished to your specifications and edged appropriately. Fabrication generally takes 7-15 working days and is primarily done off-premises. Additional fabrication may be completed during installation to ensure a quality fit, though we do our best to keep most of the fabrication off-premises.

Professional installation

You can have the most beautiful worktop but if it isn’t installed correctly, it won’t pass muster. To ensure your kitchen gets the attention it deserves, we provide professional installation that is as streamlined as possible.

Our well-trained craftsmen understand the stress of a remodel, so we try to minimise it. They work hard to efficiently install our beautiful worktops. Our fitters take around 5-8 hours to install worktops once your cabinets are in place. They use the best materials to safely adhere to your worktop and render joints almost invisible. They focus on a safe, level fit that allows your kitchen to shine.

Our goal is to provide a top-quality service throughout and to you leave you with a new worktop you love.

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