Quartz worktops are hardworking and beautiful. They are ideal for those who frequently use their kitchens because they are nonporous, non-absorbent, and durable.

When properly installed, quartz worktops require little maintenance as they come pre-sealed.  Quartz kitchen worktops are stain-resistant and easy to clean with just some soap and water.

Quartz can be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, for walls or floors, and even for furniture. Its functionality is only bounded by your imagination. Quartz is versatile and long-lasting. With both classic and distinctive hues, you can create a kitchen that suits your personality and your home.

Quartz worktops are manufactured with 93 to 95% quartz and 5-7% resin to form an extremely tough and durable surface. Many manufacturers not only create worktops that mimic natural stone, but also craft unique slabs that include glass chips, pigment, mirror chips, and granite for a distinct look. Manufacturing processes vary slightly among producers.