Quartz may be utilized in the kitchen, in the bathroom, such as walls or flooring, as well as for the furniture. Quartz is flexible and long-lasting. With both distinctive and classic colours, you may make a kitchen that fits your nature and your house.

Quartz worktops are hardworking and amazing. They are best for people who often use their kitchens as they’re nonporous, non-absorbent, and durable. When correctly set up, quartz worktops need little upkeep as they are pre-sealed.

Quartz worktops are produced using 93 to 95% quartz and 5-7% resin to make a very tough and durable surface. Many producers not only produce worktops that mimic natural rock, but also craft exceptional slabs which have glass chips, pigment, mirror processors, and granite for a different appearance. Manufacturing procedures vary slightly among manufacturers.