Every Cambria worktop is constructed of 93% pure quartz, which can be used to make a nonporous, durable worktop good for people who like to cook.

Cambria is a family-owned American firm that’s one of the main manufacturers of quartz worktops.
Their dedication to quality shows in every one of their products. Cambria’s 60 years of experience is put to use in producing elegant and timeless quartz worktops which harken to the beauty of the natural stones they use for inspiration.

A quartz worktop from Cambria is an exceptional choice for people who cook frequently. Whereas some worktops can absorb moisture throughout the food preparation process and harbour harmful bacteria, Cambria quartz worktops are almost impervious.

They are nonporous and non-absorbent and provide off zero emissions. In a nutshell, a quartz worktop is among the safest rock surfaces for food preparation. Additionally, since quartz worktops are manmade, there are a lot of colour choices to help you design and create the kitchen of your dreams. With so many advantages, it’s not surprising that quartz worktops are now so popular!