Unistone produces an array of beautiful quartz worktops that are manufactured using Breton’s patented engineered stone technology. With natural looking hues from white to black, Unistone can complement any kitchen.

Unistone worktops are made of 90-93% natural quartz and resin. Quartz, which is a hard rock, helps make these gorgeous pieces durable so they can withstand everyday use. In fact, Unistone isn’t just great for a kitchen worktop—it can be used anywhere in your home, from the bathroom and the floors to the walls. Unistone can even help you make a statement with a unique desktop—you’re only limited by your imagination.

Unistone’s kitchen worktops are wonderful for the everyday cook. Not only are they durable and hardwearing, but they require little maintenance because they’re nonporous. Quartz countertops are food safe and make a good surface for meal preparation. They are easy to clean and look great for years after professional installation.

It’s easy to see why quartz has become such a popular option for kitchen worktops. Unistone’s variety of colours and its proven durability make it a great option for anyone who is redesigning a kitchen or bathroom and looking for the perfect stone-like surface.