Alaska – CQ

Alaska from Classic Quartz. Owes its name to a greyish-white surface reminiscent of alpine landscapes and mountains.

Salisbury Pink – Granite

Salisbury Pink granite is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. As with most granites, Salisbury Pink is durable, long-lasting and extremely hard.

Summer Light – Granite

As some sort of yellowish granite out of Brazil, summertime gentle Granite is normally utilized from counters, vanity tops, bar tops, staircase, walls and flooring tiles therefore forth.

SunSet Red – Granite

Sun Set Red can be actually a magnificent reddish granite with black veins and stains across this globe. As a result of granite sturdiness, Sun Set Red may be properly used for any dwelling or firm improvement undertaking.

Golden Oak – Granite

Golden Oak Granite is a kind of yellow granite quarried in India. This stone is especially good for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior.

Lennon Blue

Lennon Blue Granite offers sturdiness and exotic Brazilian looks to any space in which it is displayed.

Granith Bianco Macchiato

Bianco Macchiato, originating in Brazil brings light and freshness thanks to the off -white background and the combination of black and brown flecks.

Granith Mare

Granith Mare, from the Recife area of Brazil, expresses in its finest the whimsical designs that nature gives away in stones formation throughout centuries.

Warwick Rubi – Granite

Warwick Rubi originates from India and is a mixture of white and grey tones. Sprinkled with spots of garnets. This goes well in spaces fitted with coloured units .

Dolomite – Granite

Dolomites are often oversold as a Marble that performs like Granite. Dolomite is found in sedimentary basins worldwide. It is thought to form by the post depositional alteration of lime mud and limestone by magnesium-rich groundwater.

Black Storm – Granite

Black Storm is a beautiful color with shades of black, gray, cream, and gold granite quarried in Brazil. This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior.

Sleek Concrete – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Sleek Concrete quartz 4003 is a superior surface together with the organic appearance of Concrete and exceptional strength and versatility compared to normal concrete, both concerning layout and functionality. Caesarstone Sleek Concrete quartz 4003 consists of a light grey background with a hot tint which permits designs in modern and traditional settings together with the unsurpassed quality gift in most Caesarstone Surfaces. Caesarstone Sleek Concrete quartz 4003 is a gentle and slick reinterpretation of pure concrete that's from exactly the exact same selection of surfaces like Caesarstone Raw Concrete and Caesarstone Fresh Concrete that have been made to highlight layout schemes that call for a long-lasting substance with minimal maintenance requirements for properties using an obsolete and/or industrial texture.

Verde Alpi – Marble

Verde Alpi. Marble originating from Italy. Dark green background with a mottled green and black. properties, the colour variation is minimal from batch to batch

Ocean Foam – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Ocean Foam 6141 is a white rock with light grey shade crystals. It attracts your distance to the natural emotions of oceanic landscapes. Additionally, the neutral colour base allows for a flexible variety of layouts in architectural interiors. Additionally, you may use it in offices, kitchens and utility rooms. What's more, if you need hard-wearing surfaces using low upkeep, Caesarstone Ocean Foam is right for you.

Bianco Drift – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Bianco Drift 6131 quartz is a mid-to-light grey foundation coloured stone foundation with delicate buttery grains and layout, evoking the beauty and allure of pure granite counters along with a superior performance leading to a substance that does not require sealing and can be preserved using a very simple day to day cleaning regime of sterile water and a material. Caesarstone Bianco Drift 6131 quartz has been found in 2014 as a portion of the Supernatural assortment of granite and marble motivated designs and is now an instant classic among architects, interior designers and property developers alike because of the versatile charm and neutral colour tone that satisfies both traditional and contemporary designs. It's applicable to any sort of inside place.

Moorland Fog – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Moorland Fog 6046 is a rock stone which evokes the beauty of natural rock types. Caesarstone Moorland Fog 6046 includes a mild cream background that delivers an earthy sense of heat and gorgeous veins at a blend of dark and brownish grey tones. Caesarstone Moorland Fog 6046 is quite hard material using a delicate look that will supply kitchens, bathrooms, floors and wall design using a natural appearance whilst having minimum maintenance requirements. Resistant to stains, unintentional scratches and impact, this granite merchandise brings exceptional performance and the most recent technological improvements to each house in London and the UK.

Turbine Grey – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Turbine Grey is a stone rock using a mid-grey background and gorgeous veining in darker grey tones. It's reminiscent of natural stone like Bardiglio marble. Apart from offering the elegant appearance of natural rock and exceptional performance. Additionally, Caesarstone Turbine Grey supplies a coating that's very resistant to heat, scratches, staining and inadvertent effect.

Pebble – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Pebble quartz 4030 is has a grey background resembling the first appearance of a pure garden pebble that's the reason for the name of the new, daring material. Caesarstone Pebble quartz 4030 includes a mid-grey colour which will suit contemporary and traditional environments that take a solid surface that will endure for decades. Pebble 4030 quartz is owned by the Classico Collection in Caesarstone, which can be inspired in various components from nature, which range from natural stone to wood and other natural substances.

Topus Concrete – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Topus Concrete is a quartz rock with all the overall look of Concrete at a natural topological condition that includes subtle pink colours on a fossilized appearing surface. Topus Concrete shows a lively layout, including opaque tones into a textured cloth which can complete any design style.

Frozen Terra – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Frozen Terra is the most recent rock from the quartz pioneer who wants to innovate continually. Frozen Terra presents a definite white backdrop rock with black and a translucent terrazzo mix on a matt end merchandise that's perfectly acceptable for demanding applications like kitchen worktops, vanity tops, walls and flooring.

Flannel Grey – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Flannel Grey is a concrete-grey quartz rock with all the feel and looks of this conventional concrete substance in a subtle mixture of monochromatic tones that's remarkably versatile and perfect for almost any inside area.

Golden Shell – Marble

Golden Shell Marble is a kind of yellow marble quarried in Syria. This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains.

Raw Concrete – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Engineered Concrete 4004 is a fresh interpretation of this slick Caesarstone Sleek Concrete quartz using a rougher feel and a realistic concrete texture which can suit properties which need an industrial appearance with surface stuff that will persist for quite a while.

Montblanc – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Montblanc 5033 is a quartz rock with a light grey background and a random variety of scenic darker grey veins with variation in shape and thickness during this obviously amazing looking.

Cloudburst Concrete – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Cloudburst Concrete is a brand new 2018 colours from the Metropolitan Collection inspired in the conventional splendour of pure concrete. The maker enhances performance using a superior product when it regards sturdiness and everyday upkeep.

Airy Concrete – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Airy Concrete brings the pure allure of the concrete construction material using something which feels and look great in contemporary and industrial preferences. Airy Concrete combines white and grey hues on a light grey base with incredible functionality and simplicity of usage.

Nero Canfranc – Marble

Nothing like that marble to dazzle in elegant and sophisticated decors. Canfranc goes right to the heart of a modern interior decoration enveloped in a halo of mystery that gives it its distinctive charm.

White Attica – Caesarstone

Caesarstone White Attica quartz 5143, is a white foundation structure substance using a specific dark veined pattern layout which is going to be the focus of attention in the traditional and contemporary environment.

Fresh Concrete – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Fresh Concrete quartz 4001 is a milder version of this favourite Raw Concrete quartz that's accommodated for properties that demand a long-lasting substance with low maintenance demands and neutral colours with timeless looks.

Statuario Maximus – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Statuario Maximus brings thick grey veins indulgent white granite foundation for your insides. In addition to great looks, Caesarstone Statuario Maximus is a fantasy for simple and everyday usage.

Aliveri – Marble

Aliveri Grey is a type of dark silver gray marble quarried in Greece. This rock is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall and flooring applications.

Empira White – Caesarstone

Empira White delivers the pure appearance of this ideal Calacatta Marble with profound grey veining on a classic white background. This is a luxury engineered stone by top producer Caesarstone.

Primordia – Caesarstone

Primordia - If you're interested in finding the sturdy material which could boast the joys of constructing concrete whilst offering excellent functionality, Caesarstone Primordial provides precisely that, which makes it appropriate for any region of interior decoration.

Rugged Concrete – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Rugged Concrete quartz is a reinterpretation of genuine Concrete that has grown remarkably popular during the past couple of years in the plan or architectural interiors.

Piatto Black – Caesarstone

Piatto Black 3101 is a fresh quartz rock with a stylish and solid rear backdrop which provides exceptional performance and long-lasting advantages to any interior region of residential or business properties.

Oxidian – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Oxidian is an inky black Foundation is veiled with a rust-like effect that Catches the Motion and Feel of a handsomely oxidised surface

Empira Black – Caesarstone

Empira Black delivers the pure appearance of the very best Black Granite with deep grey and white veining. This is a luxury engineered quartz by top producer Caesarstone.

Black Tempal – Caesarstone

Caesarstone Black Tempal is a wonderful new option with a tasteful and strong charcoal/Slate base along with a pale white pattern which runs all across the substance.

Paonazzo – Marble

Paonazzo Marble is a Type of white marble quarried in Italy. This rock is particularly great for Construction stonegranite countertops, countertops, monuments, pool handling, sills, decorative rock, interior, exterior, wall, floor, paving and other design jobs.

Nero Kariba

Nero Kariba is born in the heart of Zimbabwe. The attractiveness of its extreme darkness lies inside the simplicity of its layout. Simple yet elegant, Nero Kariba provides a gorgeous uniform manifestation when is introduced in Polished finish.

Verde Floresta

Verde Floresta, originating in Brazil, is characterized by the predominance of distinct green routines within a transparent background. Each of the green colour variations along with the watery-design evokes the Amazon forest and rivers, of a place in Brazil called Floresta.

Red Jasper – Marble

Red Jasper Marble is a kind of red marble quarried in Italy. This stone is especially good for Building stone, countertops, sinks, monuments, pool coping.

Antique White

Antique White Granite is a sort of creamy white granite quarried in Brazil. This stone is particularly great for worktops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior walls and floor applications, fountains, pool and pool capping, stairs, window sills and other design projects.

Rosso Impero – Marble

Rosso Impero Marble is a kind of red marble quarried in Iran. This stone is especially good for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior wall and floor.

Carrara C – Marble

Carrara C is remarkable for its thickness and its dark veining. The nature of the stone is decided on the whiteness of the foundation and the meaning of the veining. Italian white Carrara marble is evaluated at the quarry as either C or CD, where C has the more white foundation and the CD is somewhat greyer. So all in all the more white the foundation of the stone then the higher the quality.

Verde Guatemala – Marble

Verde Guatemala is an exceptionally wonderful example of greenstone marbles. It is quarried in India and it takes the name 'Verde' since it implies green in certain dialects like Spanish and Italian.

Scandalous – Marble

Scandalous - Marble, an elegant and dramatic are just a few words to describe Scandalous and, as you can see, it makes quite the statement especially with book-matched slabs! 

Calacatta Portoro – Marble

Calacatta Portoro is an incredible black marble with distinct lovely gold veins. A unique classic natural stone. Italian Nero Portoro marble (Porto Venere Marble, La Spezia marble, Riviera Marble, Liguria Marble) has white vein with fewer gold veins but Persian Portoro Marble has more gold vein which makes more luxuries marble compared with Italian marble type.

Belgian Blue Honed – Marble

Belgian Blue Limestone a versatile surface that can be used for kitchen worktops, it has a calm soft Grey marble with visible fossils and sponges demonstrating the ancient nature of all of our natural stones and it has a smooth surface and also an aged finish.

Breccia Sarda – Marble

Breccia Sarda is a light brown beige sedimentary rock (Kalkoolith) with dark veins originating from Italy. The beige color has delicate and slightly darker intrusions. This stone is especially good for Exterior - Interior wall

Unimarble Black – Marble

Unimarble Black is a marble composite material with the elegant appearance of natural granite and marble, offering superior performance characteristics., Unimarble® is an engineered marble composed of marble and limestone grains with polyester-resin.

Unimarble Pure White – Marble

Unimarble Pure White is a brilliant white background stone with fine grains typical of natural marble of limestone, Unimarble® is an engineered marble composed of marble and limestone grains with polyester-resin.

Unimarble White – Marble

Unimarble White is a composite marble product that is achieved by mixing a high content of pure marble crystals crushed with resins, raw materials and polymers that result in an ultracompact engineered marble surface.

Carrara – Marble

Carrara Marble has a grey-white background with charcoal marbling throughout for a really classic marble look its popular for use in sculpture and building decor.

Arabescato – Marble

Arabescato Marble tiles are a sophisticated white marble with striking and distinctive grey veining quarried in the Carrara region of Italy.

Emperador Dark – Marble

Emperador Dark Marble. Spanish Emperador Dark Marble, dark brown colour with white crystals and veins that are concentrations of white and clear calcite.

Nero Marquina – Marble

Nero Marquina marble (Marmol Negro) is a high quality, black stone marble extracted from the region of Markina, Basque Country in the North of Spain. It is one of the most important marbles from Spain.

Angola Black

Angola Black Granite is a coarse-grained, dark blue/black anorthosite of the Precambrian period. This stone internationally may be nominated as a granite but in the area of application of the European Standard, this stone must be nominated as an anorthosite.

Giallo fiorito

Giallo Fiorito is a kind of golden yellow granite quarried in Brazil. This stone is especially good for Countertops, monuments, mosaic, exterior - interior.

Antique Brown

Celtic Brown granite is a Commercial name for a brown-black granite (Rapakivi) with spherical shaped brown potassic feldspars of the Precambrian period. This stone internationally may be nominated as a granite and in the area of application of the European Standard, this stone must be nominated as granite.

Baltic Brown

Celtic Brown granite is a Commercial name for a brown-black granite (Rapakivi) with spherical shaped brown potassic feldspars of the Precambrian period. This stone internationally may be nominated as a granite and in the area of application of the European Standard, this stone must be nominated as granite.

Labrador Antique granite

Labrador Antique is a dark granite but with a warmer feel to it than the usual black granites. It makes an ideal worktop contrast to pale kitchen units.

Star Galaxy

Classic Black Galaxy granite is our most popular premium granite with Irridescent coppery bronzite crystals in a pure black field.

Moon White

Moon white Granite from India may also know as Emerald White and Morning Mist and Moon White Granite is low color variation Granite.

Blue Pearl

Soft blue and grey tones of this Norwegian stone are ideal for those who want to create a lighter and brighter atmosphere in their kitchen.

New River White

River White Granite. Benjamin Moore White Dove paint subway tile back splash very similar to Kashmir white but with ... Backsplash with Black French Stove.

Colonial Cream

Colonial Cream granite is a beautifully elegant stone that needs little embellishment and Styled with brown and golden spots across its veined complexion.

Cosmic Black

Cosmic Black is stunning marbled granite from Brazil. Naturally occurring bands of quartz and mica, along with tiny red garnets, create the effect of white and copper-coloured swirls against a black background.

Emerald Pearl

Emerald Pearl granite is an overall green and black colour with some large lighter pearlised flecks giving it a reflective shimmering effect. Emerald Pearl granite is a natural fit for a kitchen that incorporates stainless steel as the steel not only highlights the colours in the granite but also contrasts against the darker background colours in Emerald Pearl. Emerald Pearl granite is a very decorative stone, adding depth to any kitchen or bathroom.

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue Internal Polished Granite Tiles - Size 300x300mm offer a mixed combination of blues, greys, browns and blacks.


Shivakashi granite is a natural stone quarried in the regions of Virudhunagar, Thiruthangal in India. It presents a creamy rose background including crystalline grey and burgundy minerals on a very fine-grained pattern, which defines this stunning material.

Tan Brown

Tan Brown granite is a dense material with an almost black background, paired with random crystal formations. The attractive brown hue of crystals within Tan Brown can vary from pale to deep browns, to reddish hues in some cases.

Volga Blue

Volga Blue granite, a Labradorite, is a very coarse-grained, dark blue-grey anorthosite often with bright blue iridescent reflectors.

African Lilac

This granite type is available in polished and honed finishes as standard and special ... African Lilac Granite Slabs Tiles From South Africa


Zimbabwe black granite can also be known as Assoluto and Nero black granite. For those looking for a plain black granite worktop.

White Torrincino

White Torroncino is a dramatic beige, light brown and white granite with high variations and veining exotic granite quarried in Brazil.

Canterbury – Cambria

Cambria Canterbury - A regal design with a refreshingly modern feel, Canterbury offers rich, warm tones of wood, leather, and stone befitting an ancient abbey or country manor found in the southeast county of Kent.

Buckingham – Cambria

Cambria Buckingham - Named for the London palace that’s home to the British Monarchy, Buckingham is rich and versatile, with just enough unexpected interest. Browns, golds and greys converge with a hint of shimmer in this delightfully adaptable palette.

Roxwell – Cambria

Roxwell - Cambria is stately grey pebbled with notes of black, slate, and cream recall the dignified stone walls of the 14th-century Anglican church in the village of Roxwell.

Rosslyn – Cambria

Cambria Rosslyn is glittery brown quartz that is both classic and fun, perfect for uplifting any space. Please click here for more info.

New Brighton – Cambria

Cambria New Brighton  - Smooth and supple like the well-worn steps of Wales’ historic New Brighton Lighthouse, this stone has all the depth and movement of marble. New Brighton is adorned in stately shades of tan and taupe, touched by swirls of cream.

Nevern – Cambria

Nevern Cambria - Features a compelling palette of creamy taupes and browns, wisps of berry, and a subtle silver shimmer that flow together beautifully.

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